SPRING BREAK - MON, 3/11/19 - FRI, 3/15/19  Back to School on Mon, 3/18/19
Sign Up to Volunteer for Spring Events
Cafetorium Construction Begins - Mon, 3/11/19 New Morning Drop Off & Cafeteria Procedure Begin!
Teacher Conferences - Mon, 3/18/19, Tues, 3/19/19, or Thurs, 3/21/19
Walking School Bus - Wed, 3/20/19
Dollar Shirt Day - Wed, 3/20/19
Parents As Teachers Learn & Play Time Begins - Wed, 3/20/19
Pre-K/Kindergarten Meet & Greet - Thurs, 3/21/19
After School Spirit Gear Sale & Survey - Fri, 3/22/19
PTA Member Family Movie Night - Fri, 3/22/19
Upcoming Events
Stay in the know! Keep up with upcoming events at Waverly Park. Find them listed on the left side of the homepage (on mobile device, click on menu icon to access), on the school calendar, in the latest newsletter, or on Facebook.

This Week At A Glance

Construction Information/Cafetorium Update
TAKE NOTE: Construction on the new cafetorium begins on Monday, March 11, 2019. The auditorium and kitchen will be out of commission for the rest of the school year. Please be aware that upon return from spring break, for the safety of all students drop-off and dismissal procedures will be changing and access to the building will be limited. Parents will be asked to drop their child(ren) off at either the main or library entrance and they will be taken to class by a staff member. Also be aware that breakfast and lunch options will also change during construction. Please see the letter from Mr. Baeta below for more details and contact the school with any questions.



Waverly Park is benefitting from this $1.8 million dollar project thanks to two approved FWISD bonds. Click here for more information on both propositions. 

Teacher Conferences
Teacher conferences will take place on either Monday, March 18, 2019, Tuesday, March 19, 2019, or Thursday, March 21, 2019. Please see the sheet sent home with your student(s) for your designated date and time. If you need to reschedule, please contact your child's teacher immediately.

School Calendar
The latest school calendar is available here. Please note that while this does include some PTA events, it's important to check the latest PTA newsletter, Facebook, the Google Calendar, and this PTA website for the most up-to-date schedule of PTA sponsored events. Thank you!

Spring Volunteer Opportunities
Want to get involved but not sure how? Click here to learn how to become a volunteer.  We have a TON of spring 2019 events coming up but we need YOU to make them a success! To view and sign up for upcoming opportunities, click here. Just mark the events in which you'd like to participate and fill out the requested information.  You can sign up using this online form,  our VOLY page, or complete and return the form below that was sent home with your student(s).  You only need to sign up once and we'll send you more information when your event draws near.  Thank you for volunteering your time! 

Walking School Bus
The Walking School Bus  takes place each Wednesday at 7:20 am and will run through April. Click here for details. Any weather cancellations will be posted on Facebook the morning of.

Dollar Shirt Day
The March Dollar Shirt Day (Favorite Shirt theme) will be held on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Bring your $1 to class and support PTA initiatives while getting to deviate from the dress code.

Parents as Teachers
The Parents as Teachers program is back at Waverly Park! This is a program that helps parents teach their young children at home to help prepare them for school. The first Learn & Play time event will be held on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 10:00 am. Please click here for more information.

Pre-K/Kindergarten Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year
If have a student entering pre-kindergarten or kindergarten next school year, you're invited  to meet the Waverly Park teachers and principals on Thursday, March 21, 2019 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm in the Waverly Park library.  We have big news and registration information to share (see below)!

Have you heard? Waverly Park has been approved for an additional FOUR pre-kindergarten classes (bringing our total to SIX)! One will be a dual-language class. This is a much needed change to our school and we would like to thank our principal, Mr. Baeta, for championing on our behalf. 

With that said, it's almost time to register for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten for the next school year! Online registration begins Monday, April 1, 2019 and in-person registration will be held during the FWISD Literacy Fair on Saturday, April 6, 2019. Please see the flyers below for details!


Spirit Shirt Clearance Time!
It's time to make room for next year's inventory. Get your 2018-2019 spirit shirts as well as previous year shirts at clearance prices!   Shirts will be sold on Friday's after school  beginning March 22, 2019 through the end of the school year as well as in our online school store. See the flyer below for details.

Also, we'd like your input on what you'd like to see for next year's spirit gear. Click here to take a quick online survey.

PTA Member Family Movie Night
Come one, come all to the next PTA Member Family Movie Night! It will be held on Friday, March 22, 2019 at 6pm in the gym. A flyer will be sent home naming the movie (we're not allowed to post it online due to licensing rules). This event is FREE for all PTA Members (only one PTA membership required per family) and we will serve FREE popcorn and water. Not yet a PTA Member? Join at the door for only $8!

Readers Become Leaders (Reading Olympics) Challenge
An awesome new reading challenge in conjunction with FWISD and community partners began Monday, January 29, 2019 and runs through April. The challenge is called "Readers Become Leaders" but will be referred to as the "Reading Olympics." This challenge supports FWISD's 100 x 25 goal. The winning team gets to go the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Meet! Waverly Park is on the "Balance Beam" team. Check your student's backpack for more information or click here.

The Round 1 update was just released and Waverly Park is in 3rd place on the Balance Beam team. Let's go Tigers!

Additionally, there's a "Read Aloud" challenge for March! Not sure why reading makes a difference? See the flyer below for all the reasons reading matters!

Reading Tigers Program - WE NEED YOU!
Waverly Park is starting a new literacy program focused on 2nd and 3rd graders to help support FWISD's 100 x 25 goal. If you're interested in helping kids improve their reading skills, do we have the perfect opportunity for you! Our rescheduled training will be held Tuesday, March 26, 2019. Click here for more information. WE NEED YOU!

Playground Update
With your help, WE DID IT! The Waverly Park PTA was able to raise $25,687.52 towards a new playground in the past 2 years. As has been discussed during recent PTA General meetings, we are anxious to get the playground installed but are currently delayed due to coordinating with FWISD. 

There are two reasons for the delay:

1) We are working to maximize our funds for the playground (which are off-budget and not allowed to be touched for other PTA activities). There are two major areas where we can increase the amount of  playground equipment we're able to purchase if FWISD is able to help us out. One is the wood frames that go around the playground and the material that the students will run/walk on. The second is the installation. We've been diligently trying to contact the appropriate FWISD staff to resolve this issue but they are busy with bond implementation projects. f we are unable to get their assistance, we will move forward by paying for all items (although this, unfortunately, will result in less playground equipment).  

2) We recently learned that we have to have FWISD approval as to the location of the new playground. We hope to meet with the appropiate FWISD staff soon since they will be on-site in the near future due to the cafetorium expansion. Mr. Baeta is also working with us to help get this process moving forward. It is our hope that while they are approving the playground location, they can give us an answer as to whether or not they'll assist with purchase/installation.

It was our sincere hope that the playground would have been installed by now and we apologize for the delays. However, they are out of our control and we are doing our best to get the best possible outcome for our students. We truly appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our PTA President, Alexander Montalvo. 

New Traffic Pattern on Cimmaron Trail!
Thanks to the efforts of our school administration, PTA, and community, student drop-offs and pick-ups have gotten a lot safer!

A new traffic pattern is in effect in the morning and afternoon on Cimmaron Trail. Please click here for details.

New Fundraising Opportunity - The Clothes Bin
Have you heard? A huge bright green bin is now located next to the parking lot at Chapin Rd & Paint Trail. This is an EASY, NO COST fundraiser for the school. Waverly Park PTA will earn $0.10 per pound donated. Click here for more information and all the details about what can be donated (hint: it's more than just clothes and shoes - you'd be surprised!) Items should be clean but can be in any condition - including torn, stain, ripped, etc. This fundraiser is also good for the environment as it will keep many items out of the landfill.

As of February 2019, we've already earned over $232 from The Clothes Bin! Thank you for helping Waverly Park and the environment!

PTA Membership Goals - Never Fear, It's Not Too Late to Join the PTA!
We currently have 368 PTA Members for the 2018-2019 school year! That's a new record! Thank you! We have now earned THIRTEEN AWARDS from the Texas PTA! 

However, our ultimate goal is to have one voice for every child. This will truly help us advocate on a bigger scale for all of our children.

Not yet a member? Check out all the reasons why you should join PTA and then sign up to be a member! Click here to find out how to join. If you choose to join online, you'll still be able purchase a discounted spirit shirt (in person - we're not able to discount online school store purchases). You can print a paper membership form from this website or grab one from the file organizer across from the office.

Anyone can join PTA - you don't have to have a child at Waverly Park or even be a parent. We want and need our local community to join to help our kids become great citizens! So share with your neighborhood association, church, group, or a local business. In fact, the whole family can join - Mom, Dad, grandparents, even the students!

Don't Delay! Join Today!
2018-2019 PTA Board 
Click here to see the 2018-2019 elected and appointed PTA Board Members. We have a great team; however we unfortunately still have many open positions.

If you enjoyed having family events, having an advocate for our students in the community and with the school district, and having support for our teachers and students, then PLEASE GET INVOLVED!

Many positions are still available! We can't do it without YOU! Please consider joining our PTA board and help make Waverly Park the best it can be! 

Have You Heard? Waverly Park Earns ALL Distinctions From TEA
Click here for the details!

Waverly Park Beautification Day
Have you seen how beautiful our front lawn now looks? A HUGE THANK YOU to Charles Schwab and DPR Construction! They selected Waverly Park as the beneficiary of their latest community volunteer project and volunteers from both companies, as well as Waverly Park volunteers, were on-site at Waverly Park on Saturday, September 22, 2018 for a campus beautification day. 

They provided the supplies and labor to plant flowers, shrubs, and grass, lay mulch, install borders, and do general landscaping cleanup. WOW!!!  We've shown Waverly Park is doing the hard work to make academic improvements - and with the help of the Schwab/DPT Team, the outside of the school now reflects the energy and passion of the work being done inside.


Back the Future - Join PTA!


Our goal as a PTA is to advocate, engage, and empower our students, teachers, staff, parents, and community to work together for the benefit of the students and community as a whole.

Last year, our PTA had a recordsetting 338 members. Let's keep the momentum going; more members means a bigger VOICE! Our goal is to have one voice for every child. So far for 2018-2019, we have 368 members! We've set a new record!

It's easy for parents, grandparents, family members, and community members to join and help make our GREAT school EVEN GREATER! Every member counts. Click here to learn more about why it's important to join PTA and all the things PTA has done for the students, teachers, school, and community

Did you know there are many discounts available to PTA members? Do you know all of the things your PTA does to help benefit the school? Click here to find out more information on PTA Member benefits and discounts. 

Membership - $8
Short-Sleeved Spirit Shirt - $10 ($12 for Size 2X, 3X)
Save $ with a combo deal!
Membership + Spirit Shirt - $15 ($17 for Size 2X , 3X)

Sign up at any PTA event or during a before school/after school shirt sale. You may also find a membership form here - just turn it into the school office! There are also paper membership forms available across from the office (in the file organizer to the left of the PTA calendar).  You may also sign up online! Click here for more information.

Visit the PTA Central page to find out more about how YOU can get involved! This page provides PTA meeting dates, information on how to join the PTA, how to volunteer (signing up, background check, etc.), current PTA Officers & Committee Chairmen, and other PTA resources.


The PTA is responsible for many events throughout the school year but none would be possible without volunteers. While volunteering is certainly not a requirement of PTA membership, members are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.  We have involvement opportunities for all schedules, availability, and interests. Click here for more information about volunteering.

It is our goal to enable all parents to make their child super proud by helping with a PTA activity at school.  
 There are several ways to become involved--some during school hours and some on your own time schedule.  If everyone does #justonething, we will make a BIG IMPACT! 

Visit the PTA Central page to find out more about how YOU can get involved! This page provides PTA meeting dates, information on how to join the PTA, how to volunteer (signing up, background check, etc.), current PTA Officers & Committee Chairmen, and other PTA resources.

We greatly appreciate everyone who puts in time and effort to help keep Waverly Park a great place to send our children.  In order to ensure the safety of all the children, all volunteers must set up a VOLY account, which includes a brief application and background check (must be done annually) (as per FWISD standards).  Click here to find out more about this process. It is done online and only takes ~5-10 minutes to complete.

Stay Informed!

There are many ways to stay informed regarding all the great things happening at Waverly Park!
  • Check out our website!
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Instagram: @waverlyparkpta
  • Read the monthly newsletter sent home with your child
  • Check your child's backpack for flyers and announcements
  • Read the marquee in front of the school
Questions? Email a private message to the PTA or post a public question on our Facebook page.

Spirit Gear/School Store

The Waverly Park PTA is pleased to announce that we have an online school store available for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please click here for more information about this year's spirit gear options and availability to purchase in-person or online.

You may purchase current year spirit gear as well as clearance items from past years (shirts, scarves, and memory books).

Please note the following online store procedures:
  • Online orders are not shipped. They will be sent home with students. 
  • During checkout, in the "Add Note to Merchant" field please list the name of the student items should be sent home with, along with their teacher's name and grade. Orders without this information CANNOT BE FILLED.
  • Orders are filled on Thursdays. Any online orders received on Thursday will be sent home the following Thursday.
  • Discounted shirts ordered as part of the PTA Membership Combo deal must be purchased in person. There is no way to purchase the combo deal discounted shirts using the school store.

Community News

Free ESL Classes
Western Hills Community Church8500 Chapin Rd Fort Worth, TX 76116Held Every Monday Beginning February 11, 20198:30 am Free Childcare Included
Ya están aquí las prometidas clases de inglés para los padres y madres de Waverly Park. Mr. Baeta estará el lunes, día 11 de febrero a las 8:30 am en la iglesia Western Hills Community Church para que nadie se sienta extraño ( es la iglesia donde aparcamos los carros enfrente de nuestro campo de fútbol) Compártalo con toda la gente que quiera aprender Inglés. Vaya directamente a la Western Hills Community Church el dia 11 a las 8:30. #integridad #respeto #trabajarduro Sea un ejemplo para su estudiante. Tienen servicio de guardería.

Fatherhood Effect Program
A FREE comprehensive program for fathers offered by New Day Services. Various locations, days, and times offered. See the flyer for details.

Mobile Food Pantry
The Tarrant Area Food Bank hosts a free mobile food pantry event in the area monthly. Please see the flyer below for more information about the event in our area. For a link to the entire TAFB mobile pantry schedule in all areas, click here.

Free Pet Services
Community Food Bank3000 Galvez Ave Fort Worth, TX 76111Select Zip Codes Only3rd Tuesday of Every Month (except November)9:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Humane Society of North Texas has partnered with the Community Food Bank in Fort Worth to provide free spray and neuter surgeries, microchipping, and rabies vaccine vouchers for the following zip codes: 76102, 76103, 76104, 76105, 76106, 76110, 76111, 76112, 76114, 76115, and 76119.

Find out about all Fort Worth low-cost or free pet care options here.

Low Cost Internet
Local internet service providers (ISPs) are required to provide low-cost access for low-income families, typically $10 monthly.
This site explains a Federal program that offers a $9.25 monthly discount, making home internet available for about $1 monthly. Families can determine whether they qualify based on income or by existing participation in certain government assistance programs.
Community Improvement Group
If you're interested in being involved in the Las Vegas Trail revitalization efforts, check out the Facebook Group "LVT LOVE". Keep up with what's going on and how you can be involved.