Crayola Colorcycle


Crayola Colorcycle - Recycle Your Old Markers!

Did you know that you can turn markers into energy? Your PTA is excited to announce a new initiative (as of March 2019) that will help clear your art clutter while helping the environment - Crayola Colorcycle!

Recycle your old markers, highlighters, and dry erase markers (ANY BRAND!) by turning them into the collection box located outside the library.   Crayola Colorcycle will pay for us to ship them for free so that they can be recycled into lots of cool things (see below for details).  Clearing the clutter while helping the environment? Now that's a win/win.

There is no end date to this program, so keep them coming for years to come!

So far we've kept over 55 lbs of markers out of the landfill!

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