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Box Tops for Education


Waverly Park participates in  the General Mills Box Tops For Education programs.  Clip and trim UPC  symbols with the Box Top logo from participating products and submit them to the school during our collection drives. Each Box Top is worth $0.10 and they quickly add up. See the table below for the amount of money raised during previous drives.

Our  Spring   Box Tops for Education Drive  will be held on Monday, April 15, 2019 through Friday, May 3, 2019.   Make it easy on yourself by trimming them as you go! (and remember to check the expiration dates). The winning class earns a pizza party! Please see the flyers below for details.

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  Box Tops for Education Drive - Money Earned
2018-2019 Drives$1,028.00*
2017-2018 Drives  $761.40 
2016-2017 Drives $970.40 
2015-2016 Drives $1,238.20 
 2014-2015 Drives  $1,494.40 
 Lifetime Earnings$15,258.76* 
*As of 3/24/19