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Fall Fundraiser

PTA's 2019 Fall Fundraiser will be a COLOR RUN! The fall fundraiser is PTA's primary means of supporting our events , programs, and giving throughout the year so we need this to be HUGE

The fundraising portion (collecting donations) will  occur during a 3-week period from Friday, August 30, 2019 through Friday, September 20, 2019.
The actual Color Run event will take place at Waverly Park on Friday,  October 11, 2019.  RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY, 10/18/19 DUE TO WEATHER.
  • Please read through the instructions below. 
  • If you still have fundraising questions, scroll to the very bottom for "Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)." 
  • If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, contact PTA's 2nd VP Fundraising, Chrysse Leach, at
Letters went home on Friday, 10/4/19 with specific information based on your student's participation status. If you have questions, please send an email to

VIP Award  - Students that raised at least $30 and earned entry to the Color Run event. They will receive a Color Club shirt, color packs (number based on prize level achieved), and access to the VIP Zone after the race.  Color Club shirts and prizes earned will be distributed a couple of days before the event.

VIP Access - Students that were named Color Club Members by another student or were assigned one of the donated Color Club Member spots. They will receive a Color Club shirt, a color pack, and access to the VIP Zone after the race. Color Club shirts will be distributed a couple of days before the event.

**It is too late to add or change Color Club Members. 

2nd Wave - Students that are not yet registered for the Color Run event are being given another opportunity to participate, provided certain requirements are met. If they meet the requirements to participate, they will be able to participate in the event and have access to the the  "Free Play Zone" after the event. They will NOT receive a Color Club shirt, color pack, or access to the "VIP Zone."

All participants will be able to participate in the Color Run, the Color Blast finale, and receive water and a popsicle after the event.

Signed waivers must be submitted by Tuesday, 10/8/19 in order to participate in the event. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you do not want your child to participate, be sure to mark your selection (stay inside or cheering spectator) on the waiver form and return it by Tuesday, 10/8/19.

Parents/family members may watch the event for free. Those that are NOT registered Color Club Members that would like to participate on race day must sign a walk-up registration waiver and pay a race fee of $10.

Student Waivers - DUE BY TUESDAY, 10/8/19

English                                             Spanish

Adult Color Club Member Waivers - DUE BY TUESDAY, 10/8/19 - several Color Club Members can be listed on the same form

*ignore the walk/up & payment portion - that is for parents/family members that are NOT registered Color Club Members that decide to participate the day of the event 

English                                             Spanish

"Day Of Event" Letter            Course Map

12:30pm - Parent Check In Begins - go to the office first to sign in then head outside to the breezeway area outside the gym to the "Check In Zone." 

Parent spectators may watch for free. On race day, if you are not a registered Color Club Member and would like to participate, you may do so by paying a $10 fee and signing a waiver.

 12:45pm -  Participants to "On Deck Zone or  Starting Zone" - participating students/parents will proceed to the these zones  by grade/class .  

 Spectators to "Cheer Zone" - student/parent spectators (not participating in the Color Run) may proceed to the "Cheer Zone"

1pm - Color Run Event Begins - the run will begin in the soccer field/playground area at 1pm with PreK. Grades will go in order in 10 minute increments.

PreK - 1:00-1:10 pm

K - 1:10-1:20pm

1st - 1:20-1:30pm

2nd - 1:30-1:40pm

3rd - 1:40-1:50pm

4th - 1:50-2:00pm

5th - 2:00-2:10pm

After you run, proceed to the "Cool Zone" for water and a popsicle (one of each per person). You may then hang out in the "Cheer Zone" to watch your friends run or go hang out in either the "Free Play Zone" or "VIP Zone" (see details below) until it's time for the big Color Blast Finale .

2:15 pm - Pre-K Dismissal - Pre-K will dismiss as normal unless staying with parents to participate in the Color Blast finale.

2:30 pm - Color Blast Finale - All participants are invited to  cap off the run with a HUGE color blast finale!

2:35pm - "Free Play Zone/VIP Zone" - After they run and/or after the Color Blast finale, participants may enjoy either the "Free Play Zone" (for all participants and spectators) or the "VIP Zone" (for VIP Participants only - see below for description). A Snowie Shaved Ice truck will be available for all who wish to purchase a cool shaved ice treat.

2:45pm - Students prepare for dismissal

3:10 pm - VIP Zone & Free Play Zone Close

In Case of Inclement Weather
The Waverly Park PTA Color Run event is scheduled to take place on Friday, October 11, 2019 beginning at 12:30 pm (Parent Check In). If inclement weather at the start of the event prohibits the safe start of the event, it will be rescheduled for Friday, October 18, 2019. The same event day schedule will be used. No additional participant registrations or waivers will be accepted between October 11 and October 18. 

If inclement weather again prohibits the event from being safely held on October 18, it will NOT be rescheduled. If inclement weather occurs during the event in progress on either October 11 or October 18 that prevents the safe completion of the event, it will NOT be rescheduled. In either scenario, please remember that all money raised/paid towards the Color Run event was a donation to the Waverly Park PTA. No refunds will be made.

Things to Remember
*All participants must submit a waiver by Tuesday, October 8, 2019. No waiver = no race. No exceptions!

*On the day of the event, please send your participating child to school in play pants/shorts and tennis shoes (and a white/light colored t-shirt if they did not earn a Color Club shirt).

*Those that did not participate in fundraising efforts will have an opportunity to register for the event as outlined in the "2nd Wave Letter" being sent home. They will not receive VIP privileges. 

*VIP Participants are those that raised at least $30, their designated Color Club Members, and those gifted Color Club Member status. They will receive an official Color Club t-shirt for the run and color pack(s) (number depends on amount raised). Non VIP Participants will need to wear their own  white/light colored t-shirt to school.

*Color coded bracelets will be distributed to students the morning of the event to distinguish between Spectator Only, Participant, and VIP Participant categories.

*All parents/family members must check in at the office before proceeding to the Color Run event.

*Parents may check their students out early after the event with the child's teacher.

*If you will be taking your child home, consider bringing old towels for them to sit on.

*Instructions on how to maintain the color in your shirt are available at the bottom of this page.

*WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to make this event a success! See below for details.

Click here to sign up on VOLY (make sure to register & do your background check first) or complete and turn in the form below. See below for details.

1. You can raise money two ways - collect cash/checks in your collection envelope  and/or set up your personal website to take online donations.

Group ID: 150410

Then set up your personal website and email/text/share on social media  to reach as many people as possible!

Even if you're only collecting cash/check donations, please still register your child online. This will earn them a pack of silly bands and help us track participation. Even if your child is unable to raise any money, they can still earn silly bands by registering online! Just return the "I Registered" coupon on the envelope to their teacher to receive the silly bands.

2.  Ask friends and family to donate! No amount is too small! Our school's goal is for each student to raise $150! Our overall goal is to raise at LEAST $20,000! Make checks payable to Waverly Park PTA.

3. The fundraising ends  on Friday, September 20, 2019. Your collection envelope  MUST be turned in by then - even if you only had online donations, it must still be returned. Students will not qualify for prizes for donations received after this date.

4. Students must have at least $30 in donations by Friday, September 20, 2019 to be guaranteed a t-shirt and color pack. See the FAQ below for additional information.

1. Register Online
and get...
  • Silly Bands
2. Raise at least $30 
and get...
  • Admission into the Color Run (to be held at Waverly Park on Friday, 10/11/19 at 10am)
  • Blast T-Shirt
  • 1st Color Dye Pack
3. Raise at least $60 
and also get...
  • Get to add 1st Color Club Member (a friend or family member that can run with you for FREE  & they also get a shirt & color pack! Just provide their shirt size on the Color Club Member form below. See the Color Club Member form below for participation requirements). 
  • Hero Tie-Dye Bandana
  • Color Glasses
  • 2nd Color Dye Pack
4. Raise at least $90 
and also get...
  • Get to add 2nd Color Club Member 
  • Pair of Hero Wrist Bands
  • 3rd Color Dye Pack
5. Raise at least $120 
and also get...
  • Get to add 3rd Color Club Member 
6. Raise at least $150 
and also get...
  • Get to add 4th Color Club Member 
  • Color Blaster (one 250 gram bottle - colors will vary)
7. Raise at least $180
and also get...
  • Get to add 5th Color Club Member 
8. Raise at least $210
and also get...
  • Get to add 6th (and final) Color Club Member 
9. Raise at least $250
and also get...
  • Crazy Rainbow Wig
  • Rainbow Boa
  • Super Soft Flyer
10. Raise at least $500
and also get...
  • Hero Cape
  • Rainbow Socks
  • Tutu
  • Jumbo Mallet
Parent Letter

Collection Envelope Instructions