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Fit Body Boot Camp

For every Waverly Park staff member and parent that signs up for a 21-day boot camp with Fit Body Boot Camp in Fort Worth (only $77!), they will donate 100% of the proceeds back to Waverly Park towards our playground and PE program!

6849 Southwest Blvd 
Benbrook TX 76132
(682) 704-9698

Here is more information about the program from Toni Lacey, the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp in Fort Worth:

My name is Toni Lacey and I am the owner of Fort Worth fit body boot camp. It is truly my passion to help people. I used to be overweight and also battle with multiple sclerosis. Through my experiences I am able to help individuals understand that change and setting goals to becoming fit and healthier is doable no matter what. I love to show and  teach individuals what to do. It is my passion to  not only reach the adults in our community but to get our kids moving as well. Being able to give back to the community is a true blessing as well. I am very excited to offer every staff member and every parent 21 days of boot camp for only $77 and we will donate 100% of the proceeds back to your school for the PE program. It is a win/win situation. We get adults and kiddos moving:)

What is Fit Body Boot Camp? We are an indoor Boot Camp that focus on helping people get fit and healthy the right way! No diets! No judgement. Everyone is welcome no matter what age or ability. Our sessions are a 35 minute after burn workout where we burn twice the amount of fat in half the amount of time. Also a great program to build lean muscle. Options for everyone. We have 41 different session times for you to choose from each week and they are lead by certified trainers. We track all your measurements as well as before and after pictures. We help you with nutrition and we have a huge accountability program. Who doesn't need accountability:) And did I mention it is super fun! Doing something fun makes it easier to stick too. We are also conveniently located only 8 minutes from y'all. 

I am super excited to meet everyone who takes the Challenge to start on a fitter and healthier you.