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Tiger Treat Thursday

Craving a treat after school? Typically,  4th Thursday of each month  after school will be our Tiger Treat Thursday.

We're mixing it up this year. Rather than having Kona Ice come every month, as in the past, we'll be highlighting a different treat each month.  A portion of the proceeds are given to PTA.   Help the PTA raise funds AND enjoy a treat? YES!

Our next Tiger Treat Thursday will be held on Thursday, December 19, 2019. Come enjoy  a "candy cane angel food cup" - angel food cake with whipped  cream and crushed candy cane topping.

  The following is a list of scheduled dates. Details will be coming soon on the treats!

 2019-2020 Tiger Treat  Thursdays
9/26Snowie Shaved Ice
10/24Snowie Shaved Ice 
Canceled due to weather
11/21 Candy Apple Bar 
 12/19Candy Cane Angel Food Cups 
2/27 TBD
 3/26 TBD
 4/23 TBD
5/28 TBD