Fall 2020 - Submitting Physical Box Tops

Click here to see a video message from your PTA Community Outreach Chair regarding our Fall 2020 Box Tops Drive.

Physical Box Tops are in the final stages of being phased out for the "e-version" you submit by scanning your grocery app  (don't have the app yet? - please click here to learn more). But, if you have a few UNEXPIRED physical Box Tops, they can still be submitted!

Usually, all physical Box Tops are submitted to the school and mailed to Box Tops by the PTA Community Outreach Chair. However, due to Covid 19, this fall Box Tops is allowing individuals to submit their UNEXPIRED physical Box Tops on behalf of the PTA. All submissions must be postmarked by Monday, November 2, 2020.

Remember,  our PTA earns 10 cents per Box Tops and they add up quickly! Every little bit helps.

Here's what you need to do:
1) Create an Account (or Log In if You Already Have One)
Go to  boxtops4education.com and create an account (if you already have the app, this is the same log in information. You just need to go to their actual website, not the app, for the submission process). Be sure to select Waverly Park Elementary as your school of choice!

2) Click on the "Submit Box Tops" Icon

3) Watch the How-To Video 
Click here to watch a "how to" video from Box Tops.

4)   Prepare Your UNEXPIRED Box Tops For Submittal 
Sort into groups of 50
*either bundle with a rubber band/in a baggie/in an envelope 
*or fill out collection sheets and staple the sheets together so you have 50 Box Tops in a packet
*have less than 50 Box Tops? Just   add a note on the bundle or collection sheet indicating how many you're submitting.
*Bonus certificates must be bundled separately
*Please read the TIPS  graphic below!

5) Complete the Online Submittal Form
Packages without submittal forms cannot be processed!

6) Prepare and Mail Your Package 
It must be postmarked by Monday, November 2, 2020!