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Recent Purchases to Support the School from Fundraisers

The PTA hosts several fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds for our family events, programs, teacher appreciation, and more. Additionally, our goal is to raise enough to support at least one "big"purchase for the school each year. 

Here's an update on the results of our last few fundraisers. Click here for more information on our current fundraising opportunities.

As a result of the Fall 2018 fundraiser,  the Waverly Park PTA was able to donate money to the school to purchase  SEVEN HP Probook 440 G6 laptops for our librarian, Ms. Covin. Mr. Baeta said this will create a HUGE impact school-wide! These laptops will be delivered to the school during the 2019-2020 school year.

UPDATE: The playground status and alternative options were discussed during the September PTA Membership Meeting. A Playground Committee was formed after that meeting. They will be providing an update (and possible vote) at the October PTA Membership Meeting to be held Tuesday, 10/22/19 at 6pm in the cafetorium.

As a result of our Fall 2015-Fall 2017 fundraisers, the Waverly Park PTA has set aside over $25,000 for  the purchase and installation of a new playground. This project has been slow-going for a variety of reasons but WILL happen. Please see below for an update.

With your help, WE DID IT! The Waverly Park PTA was able to raise $25,687.52 towards a new playground over the past several years. As has been discussed during recent PTA General meetings, we are anxious to get the playground installed but are currently delayed due to coordinating with FWISD. 

There are several reasons for the delay:

1) We were working to maximize our funds for the playground (which are off-budget and not allowed to be touched for other PTA activities). There were two major areas where we could increase the amount of  playground equipment we're able to purchase if FWISD would be willing to help. If FWISD would be willing to provide the wood frames that go around the playground and the material that the students will run/walk on as well as install the equipment, PTA would be able to put all of the money raised towards playground equipment.

We spent months trying to contact the appropriate FWISD staff to resolve this issue but they were too busy with bond implementation projects to get back to us. We persevered and eventually had conversations with FWISD and as of March 28, 2019, FWISD approved our request to install the new playground equipment and provide the border and fall zone material! This means all of the money raised will go to purchasing the actual playground equipment.  

2) We learned that FWISD must approve the location of the new playground. We had conversations with Mr. Baeta to internally choose the playground location and on April 5, 2019, we had the playground vendor come back out to take updated measurements so they could provide two potential design plans.  On May 10, 2019, the playground location has been approved.

3) Due to the cafetorium construction and new portable buildings, FWISD has informed us that they will not begin work on our playground installation until all of the other construction has been completed. So we're staying tuned and will let you know once we have a proposed installation date.

It was our sincere hope that the playground would have been installed by now and we apologize for the delays. However, they are out of our control and we are doing our best to get the best possible outcome for our students. We truly appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.