Name:  Carla Cassanova
Position:   1st Grade TA - Deaf Ed 
Birthday:   Aug 24
Color:  Blue, Brown, & Dark Green
Drink:  Coffee (Any), Diet Mountain Dew
Treat/Candy:  Plain M&Ms
Cookies/Cake:  Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin/Pecan/Fudge Cake
Bagels/Donuts:  Any Donuts
Restaurant:  Captain D's, Spring Creek BBQ
Lotion Scent:  Any Floral Scent (No Fruity Scents, Please), Vanilla
Candle Scent:  Cinnamon, Vanilla
Flowers:  Texas Native Wildflowers, Cactus
School Supplies: Spiral Notebooks, Clear Glue
Children's Book Author:  Dr. Seuss
Places You Like to Shop:  Dollar Tree, Walmart
Hobbies:  Drawing, Painting, Photography, Reading
Gift Cards:   Forget Me Not, Hallmark
College:  University of Texas, Texas A&M
Sports Teams:  Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Houston Texans

Name:  Tammy Cazares
Position:   1st Grade Teacher
Birthday:   June 12
Color:   Navy Blue, Maroon
Drink:   Sweet Tea, Dr. Pepper, Cherry Limeade, Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Root Beer
Treat/Candy:   Peanut M&Ms, Snickers, Baked Lay's Chips, Cool Ranch Doritos
Cookies/Cake:   Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Donuts
Restaurant:  Texas Roadhouse, Chili's, Sonic
Lotion Scent:  White Citrus, Cucumber Melon, Black Cherry Merlot (Hand Soap)
Candle Scent:   Sugar Cookie, Vanilla
Flowers:  Any 
School Supplies: Sticky Notes,  Small Puzzles, Blue Painter's Tape, Dusting Stuff
Children's Book Author:  Any of the younger-aged books
Places You Like to Shop:  Bath & Body Works, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Hobby Lobby, Target
Hobbies:  Football Games, Walking, Hiking, Taking/Editing Photos
Gift Cards:   Sonic, Bath & Body Works,  Hobby Lobby, Target
College:   Oklahoma University, University of Arkansas
Sports Teams:   Texas Rangers, Houston Astros

Name:  Pamela Donaldson
Position:   1st Grade Teacher 
Birthday:   April 8
Color:  Orange
Drink:  White Chocolate Mocha Triple from Starbucks
Treat/Candy:  Doritos
Cookies/Cake:   Nope
Bagels/Donuts:   Bagels
Restaurant:  Wing Stop
Lotion Scent:  Orange Ginger
Candle Scent:  Glade Cashmere Woods
Flowers:  Daisies, Succulents
School Supplies: Clorox Wipes
Children's Book Author:  Ian Falconer
Places You Like to Shop:  Target, Kohls
Hobbies:  Reading, PlayStation
Gift Cards:   Target, Starbucks
College:  California University of Pennsylvania
Sports Teams:  Pittsburgh Steelers (not into sports but they're my hometown team!)

Name:  Darlene Hutzel    Amazon Wish List
Position:   1st Grade  Teacher - Deaf Ed
Birthday:   April 4
Color:    Blue, Purple, Maroon
Drink:   Unsweetened Tea
Treat/Candy:   Oatmeal Cookies
Cookies/Cake:   Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Bagels
Restaurant:  On The Border
Lotion Scent:  Vanilla
Candle Scent:  Vanilla
Flowers:  Roses
School Supplies: Glue Sticks, Crayons
Children's Book Author:  Laura Numeroff
Places You Like to Shop:  Target
Hobbies:  Family Activities, Reading, Genealogy
Gift Cards:   Starbucks
College:  Texas Woman's University
Sports Teams:  TCU, Texas A&M, Cincinnati Reds

Name:  Guadalupe Meza
Position:   1st Grade Teacher - Dual Language
Birthday:  March 20
Color:  Blue, Purple, Pink
Drink:  Dr Pepper
Treat/Candy:  Twizzlers, Popcorn
Cookies/Cake:   Oatmeal Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Glazed Donuts (Pan Dulce)
Restaurant:  Cotton Patch Cafe
Lotion Scent:  Rose, Lavender
Candle Scent:  Lemon
Flowers:  Tulips
School Supplies: Expo Dry Erase Markers, Flair Pens,  Books, Scented Markers
Children's Book Author:  Mo Willems
Places You Like to Shop:  Amazon, Dollar Tree, Walmart
Hobbies:  Movies, Reading, Bowling
Gift Cards:   Walmart, Amazon, Chick-fil-A
College:  Tarleton State University
Sports Teams:  Texas Rangers

Name:  Saundra Reiser
Position:   1st Grade Teacher
Birthday:    Nov 10
Color:    Green
Drink:   Pepsi, Sonic Cherry Limeade, Taco Casa 1/2 & 1/2 Tea
Treat/Candy:   Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Popcorn, Skittles
Cookies/Cake:   Yellow Cake - No Icing
Bagels/Donuts:   Bagels, Glazed Yeast Donuts
Restaurant:  Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden
Lotion Scent:   Mild Scents
Candle Scent:   Clean, Fresh Linen, Cotton
Flowers:  Yellow 
School Supplies:   Fine-Tip Sharpies
Children's Book Author:  Patricia Polacco
Places You Like to Shop:  Winco, Amazon,  Home Goods, At Home
Hobbies:  Counted Cross Stitch, Reading
Gift Cards:   Any
College:   Indiana University
Sports Teams:  Texas Rangers

Name:  Tammy Wells
Position:   1st Grade Teacher
Birthday:   April 18
Color:  Blue
Drink:  Dr. Pepper
Treat/Candy:   Reese's
Cookies/Cake:  Any
Bagels/Donuts:  Any
Restaurant:  Any
Lotion Scent:  Vanilla
Candle Scent:  Any
Flowers:  Any
School Supplies: Kleenex, Glue
Children's Book Author:  Carle, Lionni
Places You Like to Shop:  Half-Priced Books, Target
Hobbies:  Reading, Walking
Gift Cards:   Half-Priced Books, Target, Sonic
College:  UNT
Sports Teams:  N/A

Position:   1st Grade Deaf Ed Interpreter
Lotion Scent:  
Candle Scent:  
School Supplies: 
Children's Book Author:  
Places You Like to Shop: 
Gift Cards:   
Sports Teams: