Name:   Cathy Caylor
Position:   4th Grade Teacher 
Birthday:  Aug 9
Color:  Purple (Tarleton State)
Drink:   Coffee, Tea, Cocoa
Treat/Candy:  Hot Tamales, Twix
Cookies/Cake:  Nothing Bundt Cakes Lemon Bundt Cake
Bagels/Donuts:  Krispy Kreme Chocolate Custard Filled Donut
Restaurant:  Any
Lotion Scent:  Bath & Body Works Stress Relief
Candle Scent:  Bath & Body Works Stress Relief
Flowers:  Daisies, Hydrangeas
School Supplies: Dry Erase Markers
Children's Book Author:  Patricia Pollaco, CS Lewis, Henry Winkler
Places You Like to Shop:  James Avery, Ann Taylor Loft
Hobbies:  Reading
Gift Cards:   Starbucks, James Avery, Any Restaurant
College:  Tarleton State University
Sports Teams:  Tarleton State University

Name:   Jacklyn Davenport 
Position:   4th Grade Teacher 
Birthday:  Aug 15
Color:  Purple, Pink
Drink:  Sparkling Ice, Lemonade
Treat/Candy:  Tootsie Roll, Milk Way, Anything but Coconut
Cookies/Cake:  Anything Chocolate, Red Velvet
Bagels/Donuts:  Donuts
Restaurant:  Torchy's Taco, Chick-fil-A, Taco Cabana
Lotion Scent:  Vanilla, Fruit
Candle Scent:  Vanilla, Fruit
Flowers:  Daisies, Wildflowers
School Supplies: Post-It Notes
Children's Book Author:  Jan Brett
Places You Like to Shop:  Target, Amazon
Hobbies:  Reading, Traveling, Music
Gift Cards:   Anywhere is Greatly Appreciated!
College:  Texas State University
Sports Teams:  Dallas Mavericks

Name:   Christi Garza 
Position:   4th Grade Teacher 
Birthday:  Aug 10
Color:  Pink, Purple, Brown, Black
Drink:  Coffee, Diet Coke
Treat/Candy:  Trail Mix, Chocolate
Cookies/Cake:  Cake
Bagels/Donuts:  Bagels
Restaurant:  Chick-fil-a
Lotion Scent:  Vanilla
Candle Scent:  Vanilla
Flowers:  Any Kind
School Supplies: Highlighers, Different Colored Pens
Children's Book Author:  Patricia Polacco
Places You Like to Shop:  Target, Walmart, Kroger
Hobbies:  Reading, Family Time Outdoors, Shopping
Gift Cards:   Taco Casa, Target, Chick-fil-a, Sonic, Walmart
College:  University of Texas, TCU
Sports Teams:  Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, UT, TCU, Dallas Mavericks

Name:   Lillian Juniker
Position:   4th Grade TA - Deaf Ed
Birthday:  Feb 23
Color:  Blue
Drink:  Dr Pepper
Treat/Candy:  Kit Kat
Cookies/Cake:   N/A
Bagels/Donuts:  N/A
Restaurant:  Any
Lotion Scent:  N/A
Candle Scent:  N/A
Flowers:  Any
School Supplies: Any
Children's Book Author:  Any
Places You Like to Shop:  Target
Hobbies:  N/A
Gift Cards:   Any
College:  Any
Sports Teams:  Texas Rangers

Name:   Marli Owens
Position:   4th Grade Teacher - Deaf Ed
Birthday:  March 25
Color:  Blue, Purple
Drink:  Dr. Pepper
Treat/Candy: Hershey Milk Chocolate
Cookies/Cake:  Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Krispy Kreme Chocolate Iced Glazed Donuts
Restaurant:  Chick-fil-A
Lotion Scent:  Lavender
Candle Scent:  Lavender
Flowers:  Carnations
School Supplies: Colored Pencils, Markers, Dry Erase Markers
Children's Book Author:  Lois Lowry, Dr. Seuss
Places You Like to Shop:  Target
Hobbies:  Reading, Singing
Gift Cards:   Target, Chick-fil-a
College:  Stephen F  Austin University
Sports Teams:  Texas Rangers

Name:   Catalina Rincon
Position:   4th Grade Teacher
Birthday:  June 5
Color:  Teal
Drink:  Sugar Free Vanilla Frappacino
Treat/Candy:  Chocolate Covered Almonds
Cookies/Cake:   White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Bagels/Donuts:  Blueberry Bagel, Chocolate Donut
Restaurant:  Cheddars
Lotion Scent:  Cucumber Melon
Candle Scent:  Honeysuckle
Flowers:  Lilies
School Supplies: Lamination Sheets
Children's Book Author:  N/A
Places You Like to Shop: Target, Walmart
Hobbies:  Scrapbooking
Gift Cards:   Any
College:  CSUSB
Sports Teams:  Dodgers

Name:   Maria Rojas
Position:   4th Grade Teacher
Birthday:  Oct 10
Color:  Green, Red
Drink:  Coffee
Treat/Candy:  Snickers
Cookies/Cake:   Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Blueberry Bagels
Restaurant:  Chili's
Lotion Scent:  Japanese Cherry Blossom
Candle Scent:  N/A
Flowers:  Roses
School Supplies: Pencils
Children's Book Author:  Roald Dahl
Places You Like to Shop: Amazon 
Hobbies:  Read, Watch TV
Gift Cards:   Any
College:  Texas Wesleyan
Sports Teams:  N/A

Name:   Candis Segars
Position:   4th Grade Teacher 
Birthday:   June 4
Color:  Purple
Drink:  Coffee
Treat/Candy:  Dark Chocolate, Popcorn
Cookies/Cake:    Red Velvet Cake
Bagels/Donuts:   Cake Donuts
Restaurant:  Any
Lotion Scent:   Anything Fresh
Candle Scent:   Woodsy
Flowers:  Any
School Supplies: Glue Sticks, Sanitizing Wipes
Children's Book Author:  Kevin Henkes, Patricia Polacco
Places You Like to Shop:  Central Market, Target, Whole Foods
Hobbies:  Reading, Shopping Online
Gift Cards:   Any
College:  University of Texas
Sports Teams:  University of Texas

Name:   Shana Shepperd
Position:   4th Grade Deaf Ed Interpreter
Birthday:  Feb 22
Color:  Purple
Drink:   Starbucks, Tea, Cocoa
Treat/Candy:  Reese's
Cookies/Cake:   Red Velvet, Lemon
Bagels/Donuts:  Krispy Kreme Old Fashioned Cake Donuts
Restaurant:  Wing Stop, Fuzzy's Tacos, Dickey's BBQ, La Madeline, Shaw's on Magnolia
Lotion Scent:  Limoncello, Fruity (No Floral or Perfume)
Candle Scent:   Fruity
Flowers:  Daisies, Sunflowers, Wildflowers, Hibiscus
School Supplies: Sharpie Markers, Gel Pens
Children's Book Author:  Dr. Seuss, Mo Willems (Pidgeon Books), JK Rowling
Places You Like to Shop:  Charming Charlie's, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby
Hobbies:  Art (Drawing, Painting), Writing, Reading, Watching the Walking Dead
Gift Cards:   Starbucks, Teavanna
College:  UNT, TCU
Sports Teams:  N/A