Parent Communications

Name:  Ruben Garcia
Position:   Parent as Teachers
Birthday:    Aug 12
Color:   Maroon, Black, Gray
Drink:   Sweet Tea
Treat/Candy:   Sour  or Chewy Candy (or both!)
Cookies/Cake:  Tres Leches Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Pigs in a Blanket
Restaurant:  Chick-fil-A
Lotion Scent:   Tiege Hanley Face Wash & Moisturizer/Lotion
Candle Scent:  N/A
Flowers:  N/A
School Supplies: Desktop 3 Hole Punch & 2 Hole Punch
Children's Book Author:  David Shannon
Places You Like to Shop: Academy Sports, Target
Hobbies:  Fishing, Hiking
Gift Cards:   Amazon, Target, Walmart, any restaurant
College:  TCU, TCC, UT Arlington
Sports Teams:  Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers

Name:  Stacia Graves
Position:   Family Specialist
Birthday:   Dec 7
Color:  Purple
Drink:   Coffee, Water
Treat/Candy:   M&Ms, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Cookies/Cake:  Yes to all!
Bagels/Donuts:  Bagels
Restaurant:  Mexican food
Lotion Scent:   Vanilla, Lavender
Candle Scent:  Vanilla, Lavender
Flowers:  Purple, All
School Supplies: Binders, Tabs
Children's Book Author:  JK Rowling
Places You Like to Shop:Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target
Hobbies:  Reading, Running, Being Outdoors
Gift Cards:   Target, Bath & Body Works
College:  UNT
Sports Teams:  N/A