Name:  Martha Alvarez
Position:   3rd Grade Teacher 
Birthday:   April 20
Color:  Blue, Red
Drink:  Starbucks
Treat/Candy:  White Chocolate Pretzels
Cookies/Cake:  Blueberry Pie
Bagels/Donuts:  Cinnamon Bagel from Panera
Restaurant:  Red Lobster
Lotion Scent:  Black Cherry
Candle Scent:  Cherry Blossom
Flowers:  Roses
School Supplies:  Pencils
Children's Book Author:  National Geographic
Places You Like to Shop:  Macy's, Mardel
Hobbies:  Computers
Gift Cards:   Dillard's, Macy's, Starbucks
College:  Texas Wesleyan University
Sports Teams:  N/A

Name:  Michelle Campbell
Position:   3rd Grade  Teacher 
Birthday:   June 7
Color:   Green, Purple
Drink:   Diet Coke, Cocoa
Treat/Candy:   Twix, Peanut M&Ms
Cookies/Cake:   Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cake
Bagels/Donuts:  Spinach Florentine Bagels from Einstein Bros, Blueberry Donuts
Restaurant:  Chick-fil-a
Lotion Scent:  Peppermint, Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom
Candle Scent:   Vanilla
Flowers: Peonies, Roses
School Supplies:  Pencils, Kleenex
Children's Book Author:  Tomie DePaola
Places You Like to Shop:  Target, Amazon, Walmart
Hobbies:  Reading, Relaxing
Gift Cards: Target, Walmart, Amazon  
College:   University of Alabama, TCU
Sports Teams:  New Orleans Saints

Name:  Jennifer Collins
Position:   3rd Grade Teacher 
Birthday:   Sept 14
Color:  All
Drink:  Coffee
Treat/Candy:  M&Ms, Any Chocolate/Peanut/Caramel Combination
Cookies/Cake:  All
Bagels/Donuts:  All Bagels
Restaurant:  Panera
Lotion Scent:  N/A
Candle Scent:  Fall Scents, Pumpkin, Coffee
Flowers:  Hydrangeas
School Supplies: Pencils, Clorox Wipes, Dry Erase Markers
Children's Book Author:  N/A
Places You Like to Shop:  Target, Half-Priced Books
Hobbies:  Reading, Running
Gift Cards:   Anywhere, Starbucks
College:   N/A
Sports Teams:  St. Louis Cardinals

Name:  Beth Gilder
Position:   3rd Grade Teacher
Birthday:   Aug 25
Color:   Green, Burgundy
Drink:   Orange Fanta Soda
Treat/Candy:   Bit O'Honey (Sold at Garden Ridge)
Cookies/Cake:   Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:   Bagels
Restaurant:  Olive Garden, TGI Fridays
Lotion Scent:   Scentsy: Any "Fresh" Scent (Ocean, Clean, Spa, White Tea, Bamboo)
Candle Scent:  Scentsy: Any "Fresh" Scent (Ocean, Clean, Spa, White Tea, Bamboo)
Flowers:  Any Potted Plant/Flower (Not Cut Flowers)
School Supplies: Glue Sticks, Glue Sticks, Glue Sticks!!!
Children's Book Author:  Numeroff, Henkes, Polacco, Marc Brown
Places You Like to Shop:  Barnes & Noble
Hobbies:  Reading, Reading, Reading!!!
Gift Cards:   Barnes & Noble
College:  Texas Wesleyan
Sports Teams:  N/A

Name:  Darlene Hutzel
Position:   3rd Grade Deaf  Ed Interpreter
Birthday:   April 4
Color:   Red, Purple, Blue
Drink:   Coffee
Treat/Candy:   Popcorn
Cookies/Cake:   Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Bagels
Restaurant:  On The Border
Lotion Scent:  Vanilla
Candle Scent:  Vanilla
Flowers:  Roses
School Supplies: Pencils
Children's Book Author:  Dr. Seuss
Places You Like to Shop:  Kohls, Walmart
Hobbies:  Reading
Gift Cards:   Restaurants, Starbucks
College:  TCU, Texas A&M
Sports Teams:  Teams from Ohio and New England

Name:  Magdalena Neumayer
Position:   3rd Grade  Teacher 
Birthday:   May 21
Color:   Blue
Drink:   Toffee Latte
Treat/Candy:   Three Muskateers
Cookies/Cake:    Sacher Torte Chocolate Cake
Bagels/Donuts:   Chocolate Iced Glazed Donuts
Restaurant:  Romano's Macaroni Grill
Lotion Scent:  Lavendar
Candle Scent:   Vanilla
Flowers: Red Roses
School Supplies:  Dry Erase Markers(Black, Blue, Red)
Children's Book Author:  Raymond Arroyo
Places You Like to Shop:  Belk
Hobbies:  Gardening
Gift Cards:   Barnes & Noble, Belk, Starbucks
College:   Texas Women's University
Sports Teams:  Dallas Stars

Name:  Sarah Skinner
Position:   3rd Grade Teacher - Deaf Ed
Birthday:   Nov 29
Color:  Green
Drink:  Coffee
Treat/Candy:  Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Cookies/Cake:   Sugar Cookies
Bagels/Donuts:  Bagels
Restaurant:  Subway
Lotion Scent:  Lavender
Candle Scent:  Laundry
Flowers:  Roses
School Supplies: Glue Sticks
Children's Book Author:  Judy Blume
Places You Like to Shop:  New York & Company, Gap
Hobbies:  Running
Gift Cards:   QuikTrip
College:  University of Tulsa
Sports Teams:  New York Yankees, OSU Cowboys

Name:  Cynthia Travis
Position:   3rd Grade Teacher 
Birthday:   Jan 28
Color:  Green
Drink:  Plain Coffee
Treat/Candy:   Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel
Cookies/Cake:   All Cookies, White Cake with White Frosting
Bagels/Donuts:  Yes
Restaurant:  Julio's
Lotion Scent:  Lavender
Candle Scent:  Lavender
Flowers:  Carnations
School Supplies:  Binders,  Mechanical Pencils, Pens
Children's Book Author:  N/A
Places You Like to Shop:  Central Market, Talbots
Hobbies:  Cooking
Gift Cards:   Any
College:  N/A
Sports Teams:  N/A