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PTA Nominations and Elections

It’s time to choose the PTA Board for next year (2020-2021)! We’d love to work with you, and joining the board is a great way to help make PTA efforts a success throughout the year. Due to the Covid-19 school closure, our original election schedule has changed.

Nomination and Election Process

1. Submit a PTA Officer Nomination Form (Due By  9pm on Friday, 5/8/20)    COMPLETED 5/8/20

Online PTA Officer Nomination Form:     This form is now closed

2. The PTA Nominating Committee Selects Candidates     COMPLETED 5/9/20

The PTA Nominating Committee will meet to review the officer nomination applications and determine candidates for the officer positions.  Their selected candidates will be publicized at least 7 days prior to the Election Meeting (no later than Tuesday, 5/12/20).  

3. PTA Membership Elects the PTA Officers    COMPLETED 5/9/20

These candidates will be presented for your vote at the VIRTUAL  PTA Membership Meeting  on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Candidates may also run from the floor at this meeting (must be present (virtually) to run). 


*Virtual Meeting Notice - includes  publication of the Nominating Committee's slated Officer candidates, Notice of Intent to Run from the Floor form, Meeting Rules, how to join PTA, and the form to register to attend the Membership Meeting & Election.

*Meeting Agenda

4. Take Applications for  Non-Elected PTA Board Positions (Chairs) (Due By  9pm on Friday, 5/22/20)    COMPLETED 5/22/20

Typically, once the new PTA officers are elected, we will take applications for the remaining PTA board (chairs).  However, due to the postponement of the originally scheduled election meeting  in April due to the Covid-19 school closure, we will be taking chair applications now.

Online PTA Chair Nomination Form:    This form is now closed

5. Appoint Non-Elected PTA Board Positions (Chairs)   COMPLETED 5/30/20

We will review PTA chair position applications as soon as possible after the election meeting and appoint them to complete next year’s PTA board.   We will then work to find candidates for and appoint any remaining vacant officer and chair positions.

6. Install Next Year's PTA Board (Officers & Chairs)

Typically, all PTA officers and chairs are installed at the final PTA Membership Meeting of the year. However, due to the Covid-19 school closure and delayed election meeting, there will be no formal installation process this year.

Positions are still available! Click here to view. If interested, please email us at the email below.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Waverly Park PTA,
May 9, 2020, 3:16 PM