Recent Purchases to Support the School from Fundraisers

The PTA hosts several fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds for our family events, programs, teacher appreciation, and more. Additionally, our goal is to raise enough to support at least one "big"purchase for the school each year.

Here's an update on the results of our last few fundraisers. Click here for more information on our current fundraising opportunities.


As a result of the Fall 2018 fundraiser, the Waverly Park PTA was able to donate money to the school to purchase SEVEN HP Probook 440 G6 laptops for our librarian, Ms. Covin. Mr. Baeta said this will create a HUGE impact school-wide! These laptops were delivered to the school during the 2019-2020 school year.


The new playground outside the 2nd grade hallway was installed in August 2020. It was a four year process and we're happy to finally have it!