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Waverly Park 2020-2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Resetting Student Passwords

FWISD Fall 2020 Education Plan (including Covid-19 related changes and precautions)

FWISD Learning At Home

FWISD Virtual Learning Support Hub (learn more about the apps & technology)

Below is some information left from what we provided for Spring 2020 that may still be helpful for 2020-2021.


Here is a summary of Waverly Park Elementary School / Fort Worth ISD online learning resources!

If you’re still trying to work out the kinks, here is a summary of helpful information your friendly Waverly Park PTA has compiled - all in one spot!

1. FWISD Learning At Home Site


2. Waverly Park E-Learning Orientation


3. How to Reset Your Student’s My FWISD Password (if you haven’t already done so)

All passwords must be reset before beginning the 2020-2021 school year.

4. Logging into your student’s MyFWISD Portal

Watch the 1st half of this video:

To log in:

Use their student email (lowercase s followed by their lunch number and their new password from Step 2.

If you (the parent) have a Microsoft account you’re automatically logged into on the device the student’s using (such as a hotmail account), be sure to log out first before trying to log in your student.


  • Do NOT choose the “save password” or "keep signed in" options, as this will make it more difficult to switch between student profiles.

  • You can also try clicking on “incognito” mode. We’ve been told that makes it very helpful to switch between student profiles.

  • Also, be sure to log out of your personal account as noted above. Then, once you’ve logged in all your students for the first time (NOT saving their passwords or keeping them signed in), it should be easy to log any of them in because it’ll show all their student emails as an option.

Here’s another helpful video for everyone (you can watch it even if you don’t have an Instagram account):…

The apps on your child’s My FWISD portal include Google Classroom, Achieve 3000, Renaissance Student (A/R Tests), Pathblazer, Office 365 (directly emailing teachers), and others depending on your student’s grade.

5. Logging Into Google Classroom

Watch the 2nd half of this video:

Class codes were provided the morning of Monday, 4/6/20 by your student’s teacher(s). They also provided a code for the “Specials Classroom” (PE/Music/Art).

If it says you need a gmail account to access, log in with your student's email (slunchnumber) followed by rather than

The “stream” tab will have important messages from staff. Be sure to read it daily. The “classwork” tab will show the assignments and resources to review before completing the assignments.

Note that any comments made in Google Classroom are visible to the entire class, so consider contacting your teacher directly with questions.

6. Submitting Assignments in Google Classroom (a few things might not apply to our situation, but it’s good overall information)

Some assignments will need to be submitted and others may only require to be “marked as done.” Once submitted/marked, the assignment will show as “turned in” in the classwork thread.

How to TURN IN or MARK AS DONE Assignments-

How to Upload Assignments- (If you need to attach something before submitting an assignment; for example, a picture of a writing assignment if you don’t have the ability to type it directly into Google Classroom)

7. Google Meet Information

FWISD is now requiring Google Meet be used for web conferences. It has a closed caption option. You can only join a meeting using a link sent by your teacher. If your student is logged into their MyFWISD Classlink portal, it will automatically log them into Google Meet.

Learn more here:

8. Logging into Renaissance (A/R Tests)

Use the app on your student’s MyFWISD portal.

Login: where # is your student's ID number.

Password: Your student's ID number

You can take A/R tests on books you already have (check the lexile level on or read something on Tumblebooks (see below).

9. Reading Resources


Login: ftworth

Password: fwisd

If wanting to read a book you’d like to take an A/R test on, be sure to first enter the title in the Renaissance app to make sure that book has an associated quiz.


Login: student's ID number

Password: student's birthdate (mmddyy format)

Learn more about how the program works here:

10. Database of Local Resources (Food & More)…

TAFB Suppers to Go:

YMCA Meals:…/COVID-19-YMCA-Food-Distribution/