The Clothes Bin

Have you heard? Waverly Park PTA has an EASY and NO COST fundraiser - The Clothes Bin!

Our bright green Clothes Bin container is located next to the parking lot at Chapin Rd & Paint Trail. Please click on the picture below for a list of what can be donated (hint: it's not just clothes and shoes - you'd be surprised!). Items do NOT have to be in useable condition. Although they should be clean, they can be ripped, stained, torn, etc. They also take STUFFED ANIMALS! If you have any questions about whether you can donate something that's not on the list, email us and we'll find out for you!

Waverly Park PTA will earn $0.10 per pound donated. What an easy way to support PTA's initiatives! This fundraiser is also good for the environment, as it will keep many items out of the landfill.

So, get organized and get rid of the clutter while supporting YOUR PTA! Click here for more information about The Clothes Bin.