Join the PTA


How to Join the PTA

There are 2  ways to join PTA - online and via a paper form.  

1) Join online at Please note that a $1.50 transaction fee applies for online membership BUT  you may sign up to 6 members in one transaction and only pay the fee once (for example, sign up Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc.).  Your PTA membership card will be emailed to you.


1. Go to

2. Click the “Join PTA” button

3. Select “Fort Worth ISD”

4. Select “Waverly Park Elementary”

5. Click “Next”

6. Enter in the member’s information. Be sure to enter the gender & member type so we can qualify for varying awards for staff, male, grandparent, community, and student membership!

7. Click “Add to Cart.”

8. If you’d like to add another member to your transaction, click “Join Another” & repeat Step 6.

9. When complete, click “Checkout” and enter the payment information.

10. You will receive an email confirmation containing your PTA membership card.

2) Fill out the paper membership form and return it to the front office or any PTA officer with your money (check or exact cash only - no change will be given).  Your PTA card will be sent to you via email. You may also find printed paper membership forms across from the office next to the PTA bulletin board (in the black file organizer).

2022-2024 PTA Membership Sign-Up Form

2022-2023 PTA Membership Form.docx

English Membership Form

2022-2023 PTA Membership Form Spanish.docx

Spanish Membership Form

We advocate for every child. We support the teachers and staff. We help to create a strong community.  

There are many discounts available to PTA members. Dues  are $8, so using just one discount will likely recoup your costs! 

Want to Get Involved?

If you are interested in volunteering, please  check out our volunteer page  for more information.


  Who Can Join PTA?

ANYONE can join PTA! Students, parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, friends, community members....anyone who cares about children can join the Waverly Park PTA. You do NOT have to have a child at Waverly Park PTA to join. And remember, even the kids can become PTA members!

Why Should I Join PTA?

Our goal as a PTA is to advocate, engage, and empower our students, teachers, staff, parents, and community to work together for the benefit of the students and the community as a whole. PTA is the only child advocacy association that works for every child. You do NOT have to volunteer if you join PTA!

Please consider joining the PTA and help to give every child a voice. The entire family can join; every member truly does count!  The larger our membership, the larger our voice on a school, district, and state level.   Want to make a difference in your child's school? Join the PTA!   If you ARE interested in volunteering, please  check out our volunteer page  for more information.