How to Volunteer

Would you like to get involved? Well, we would LOVE to have you!  It is our goal to enable all parents to make their child super proud by helping with a PTA activity at school.  If every  parent does #justonething during the school year,  it will make a BIG IMPACT at Waverly Park. 

The PTA is responsible for many events throughout the school year and we invite you to join us. However, none of these events would be possible without continuous volunteer involvement. While volunteering is certainly not a requirement of PTA membership, members are welcome and encouraged to volunteer as it will most assuredly benefit the children, school, and the community. We have involvement opportunities for all schedules, availability, and interests, both at school and from home. We greatly appreciate everyone who puts in time and effort to help keep Waverly Place a great school to send our children.

Please follow these steps to begin the volunteer process.

STEP 1:  Complete the Volunteer Form and return it to the office. 

**Click on the image to view it in  a larger size**

 English                                                                 Spanish

Let us know what you're interested in helping with, your availability, your preferred method of contact (call, text, email), etc.

STEP 2:   Create an account with Raptor, the FWISD's volunteer management system. It only takes 5-10 minutes! In order to ensure the safety of our children, every volunteer within the FWISD will need to create an online Raptor account  and have a background check completed in order to volunteer in our schools. This must be done  BEFORE  you may actually volunteer at Waverly Park and is required to be completed annually.

Raptor is easy to use and has many features that will enhance your  volunteer experience.

How to Create Your Raptor Account  

STEP 3: Complete this short FWISD volunteer orientation (once approved as a volunteer):

STEP 4:   Volunteer opportunities at your school will typically be communicated your PTA or school via social media, Group Me, or flyers. I n some cases, you may also be contacted directly by PTA if you've expressed specific interest in assisting with a particular opportunity.  FWISD-wide volunteer opportunities will be emailed by FWISD and may also be found here:

Some examples of Waverly Park PTA volunteer opportunities include: